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BEDU is one of the solutions for the root causes of highly migrating rural population of Uttarakhand


BEDU has come out of a long thought process amongst people especially the youth of highly migrating Uttarkahand state who are directly or indirectly going through the pain of it. People are forced to migrate as the state lacks basic amenities such as- poor or no infrastructure, lack of fundamental health and education facilities, lacks the policies for promotional agricultural and allied activities, unavailability of conducive environment for startups and so on. 40-year-old problem of mass migration that continues to hold the hilly region in its grip. Thought process has come up in shape of BEDU the mission which is a private limited company of 81 people. These are the very people, who eagerly look forward to minimize the pain of migration and wish hard to create such mechanism which could be the better source of their livelihoods primarily thereat so that quality of life of the local people could be ensured.

Minimizing the impact of the migration at some extent and creating such mechanisms thereat for improving the quality of life of all the stake holders and community of Uttarakhand at large.


Like every startup, BEDU the mission private limited has similar objective of improving quality of life of its all stake holders, task force, and community of Uttarakhand state at large.

Under the umbrella of the BEDU the mission private Limited, several strategies have been envisaged such as-

· Manufacturing of bath soaps and cosmetics

· Installation of mineral water plant

· Food preservation and processing plant

· Bakery

· Animal and dairy farming (Cows, goats, poultry and fishery)

Many more such projects are in pipeline.

Several queries arise in our mind, like there many such projects are already going in the entire state so what would be the difference?

The answer of this question is that BEDU The Mission Private Limited has categorically focused the development of its own community through promoting the agricultural practices and protecting, collecting, procuring, preserving and processing the rare crop species and herbs which are almost have come to an end at one hand and improving quality of life through employment generation for its own residents primarily at another hand.

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