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Envisaging strategies for minimizing dropout rates and academic backwardness in schools of Rajasthan

Several educational policies, programs have been developed for minimizing the academic backwardness in schools since the inception of Independent India. Numeral innovations have also been carried out so that each child could have access to education. There is no doubt that state government has done wonderful jobs to take the education at doorstep of each child. Though Pravesh Utsav helps each child to enroll him /her to nearby school however we need to think more on the reasons which force the child to drop out of school or reason for academic backwardness. ICAR has carried out a study in the year 2015-16 to know the reasons of academic backwardness and dropouts in ten state of India among Rajasthan state was one. Here are major reasons of drop outs and academic backwardness-

Internal reasons

  • Lesser learning capacity.

  • Lack of concentration power.

  • Lack of encouraging atmosphere

External environmental reasons

  • Family problems.

  • Casual /in disciplinary approach.

  • Lack of conducive environment in schools.

  • Lack of interesting teaching/learning approaches/methodologies of teachers.

Other reasons

  • Lack of interest in studies.

  • Engagement in crime related incidences during teenage.

  • Continuous retention in same class.

  • Unable to pay the fees.

  • Harassment in school.

  • Pressure of studies

Girls drop out Situation

  • Southern part of the state has more drop outs in the entire state.

  • Major reason of drop outs has been, either non availability of toilets or non- functioning of toilets in the schools.

  • Early marriage of girls &

  • Inadequate women teachers are other reasons of dropouts in girls.


Though above reasons which come out of study ,are not new to policy makers, implementer and common citizens however the only thing real political will is highly needed. A true determination is required for each stakeholder at his/her level so that concrete participatory strategies could be envisaged to minimize the academic backwardness in the state.

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